The work of attorneys and legal Consultations

our office is confident gained the trust of its clients from individuals, Kuwaiti, Arab and foreign companies and institutions in all the works of the law in general, both with regard to the criminal section in which the Office has made significant achievements by winning many of the innocence sentences in favor of its clients in the crimes in which they were accused unjustly, especially with respect to public money crimes. This is in addition to the issues related to civil and commercial section as well as those for rental . In this regard, we have an honorable record and important cases and we to mention some of them but as a our commitment to preserve the secrets of our clients.

Money Collection Section

The office of the lawyers Al-Jawhara Abbas Abdul Redha is considered one of the well-known offices known for its continued successes in the collection of funds from bad and difficult debts that has exceeded millions and the office has specialized in the collection of those debts which need special and complex procedures for the collection.
So this section the office is considered one of the most well- known centers for the collection of funds in Kuwait and it has completed several successful transactions for the benefit of Kuwaiti companies and which were considered as bad debts.

Our Services In The Local , Regional And International Range

The Office provides the approved legal advice with respect to all real estate and commercial transactions in Kuwait and abroad as well as in some Arab countries , and in particular ( the Arab Republic of Egypt, the republic of Lebanon and Dubai, UAE) as well as all the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the office is characterized by the ability to decide on the validity and legality of the documents which prove the ownership of land and units in all the Arab countries through its review and deep examination and determine the degree of its legal authentication , in terms of being a transfer of ownership or a transfer of possession or neither one , through the coordination with the largest law firms in these countries through an approved and authenticated protocol of cooperation protocol between u
The office has the extensive and judicial experience and the skill in writing and drafting of all contracts, whether in Arabic or English and taking all requirements that secure all transactions and activities within the commercial market which make our clients avoid the fraud of the mafia of the operations extortion of land and the gangs of fraud which is spread in the courts.

Operational Procedures

The office provides an outstanding service in this area in particular as implementation is the purpose of sentences and our motto is speed and accuracy , and in this path , we go through two paths depending on the type and the interests of the proceedings , as some of them are of fast conservatory procedure in order to maintain the legal rights and positions pending the determination of the lawsuits with final judgments , including the normal and operational procedures following the release of sentences and taking the right and effective procedures to obligate the debtors to repay.

English Section And Legal Services Outside The State Of Kuwait

our office is enriched by its relation with several distinct legal offices and institutions outside the State of Kuwait, both at the level of the great Arab homeland from its Gulf to its ocean and in particular - the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) ( Bahrain-Qatar - United Arab Emirates ) - Egypt - Lebanon - and also at the global level.
This is Sustained by the foreign department cadres in our office , who have extensive experience in the field of international law and foreign relations and potentials legal translation into all official languages in the world.
In addition to a distinguished group of representatives and administrators in all of the above mentioned sections who have the wide extensive experience in the performance of their work.
The officer also has many of the assistant offices in various Arab countries

Corporate Establishment and Evaluation Section

In order to meet all the requirements of our clients and business men, a specialized department has been established in the establishment of companies, issuance and renewal of commercial licenses in cooperation with the major audit offices to prepare budgets and financial centers and conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the financial centers of institutions and companies.

Companies Section

Our Group is the legal representative of several commercial and real estate companies listed in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Based on the Group's keenness to meet all the requests of our clients from commercial and real estate companies, the office allocates a group of specialists in property management, preparation of sales contracts, leases and investment contracts to facilitate our clients, , And we are pleased to answer all your legal inquiries about this.
Our group is one of the most modern offices in all the developments related to the follow-up of licenses and the amendment and cancellation of companies in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry on the modern system (ONLINE).

Services Juridical In The Field Of Labor Law

J LAW GROUP provides all services related to foreign ownership and emigration through the authentication and certification of the papers of citizens and residents in Kuwait and we have experience in this field for more than five years and are internationally accredited. Among the services we do is a certificate for those interested - a copy of the required documents - a statement (written statement) and all the documents and documents required from outside Kuwait (for more information about these services please contact and attend personally.

Legal Services For Cybercrime

J LAW GROUP is one of the latest offices in the technological field and all the means of social communication and follow up the electronic crimes law and all the new decisions and laws in this regard and we make all our efforts to follow up issues and provide the best special services in the fields of specialization in accordance with the laws and regulations Kuwait